Total Solar Eclipse Event

So, about a few days back, before the solar eclipse, I agreed to take some stills of the event that my school was having. I saw this as a good opportunity to build some photojournalism work in my portfolio. On the day of the event, before leaving the house, I made sure that I had all of the equipment that I needed. I felt a little nervous, but that was only because this was my first time actually documenting an event that’ll be used.

However, once I got to the event, my nerves were gone. I was there now, no nerves were needed to distract me from what I needed to do. I walked in the school and into their MB Financial room, where the faculty were having a presentation of the many things about this particular eclipse. I found my spot in the back of the room, got my 55-200mm lens and Nikon ready and started taking photos. I noticed that there was a guy coming from my right with his Canon. I had totally forgot that there were going to be others taking photos. The guy got closer to the presentation, as for me on the other, I was in the back.

The atmosphere changed in the room, I felt like it was more than just shooting for fun, but now it turned into more of shooting for the school (as it should be). I quickly thought that if I don’t get close enough, my photos might look to dull. So, I left the back and went up closer, switched from my 55-200mm to my 32mm lens and took this photo of one of the girls upfront passing out the eclipse glasses.


This certain change in the air was a quick glimpse of what I will encounter in my future endeavors as a Photojournalist.

Once everyone had their glasses, we made our way outside, and this is where everything got a lot easier. I went back to my 55-200mm lens so that I can get that good depth of field compression, snap things from far away but also still get close up. I saw one of the astronomy professors setting up the telescope for viewing the eclipse. I had to take a photo of this moment; he looked so concentrated on his telescope.


And once he was done, he invited all of the students around the campus to take a look. The old guy viewing, followed by the students in the background gave this photo some good layering and so I decided to get this moment, too.


There were students being interviewed at the event as well by the crew I was helping out. This photo right here wasn’t chosen by the school, but I figured it wouldn’t. It looks less like a photo the school would use, but more like a photo I would use for my own coverage of the event.


The photo above gave this cinematic look. I found it somewhat attractive as it was balanced pretty well. However, I felt that if there were no one in the background, it would’ve made an even more excellent photograph, but then again, it gives this candid theme having people in the background.

Having individuals looking up was something I wanted to get as well because the eclipse is something that you have to look up in order to see it.


And I snapped this one as well.


Had to get more students looking up.



You can see more of these on the Solar Eclipse Event page.

Trey White from WGCI showed up. It was a little harder to get a shot of him because everyone was over there, and because I am short as hell, but I still managed. I did’t want to center him, I wanted to capture him talking through the microphone.


I could’ve done better on this next one. There were too much negative space.


But wait! What about the eclipse!? Well, here it is. Saw Trey White’s photographer put his eclipse glasses in front of his camera lens, so I tried the same and it turned out better than I expected it would.


All-in-all, this was a great experience, it went back to fun again once I made it outside. The atmosphere changes with every move you make. It wasn’t like drawing, how you always stay in one spot the whole time, you get to move around in photography, which I actually love than sitting still.

When I got home, I chose the photos I felt was good and then I sent them to the school’s media department. That same day, I was sent a list of other events the school will be having for me and others to cover. I chose the soccer game, which will be this website’s next blog. The next day, I was given some feedback on what they liked and what I could do better on. Great, great experience!

You can see a larger collection of the photos at this event on the Solar Eclipse Event Page. Thanks for reading!


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