My Fascination About Photography

I’m a visual artist. I love anything visual, and usually can communicate better with visual aids. I am an illustrator from the South suburbs of Illinois, not too far from Chicago. I’ve always been fascinated by art, and technology. Holding a pencil in my hands always started a journey with my imagination ever since I was a young boy; shit never would end. As I got older, I noticed that technology was starting to become a big interest for me. I started to gain interests in how mechanisms worked the way they did, and why they worked with such elegancy.

Taking apart shit and putting things back together was all I would do in my high school years apart from drawing and doing art competitions. Well, what does all this have to do with my fascination in photography? It is truly my fascination with technology, that has produced my fascination for photography. But fascination in technology wasn’t the only thing, it was also finally realizing that art can truly be created with a little piece of tech we all call a camera.

Being able to tell stories in many different ways with a small device was just perfect for me. I’m a gear head, but I am also a visual storyteller, which photography is the perfect category to be under for a person like me. Photography seemed like a fucking sanctuary to me as an artist; I didn’t come to this realization until I started attending college and watching many videos on Youtube of other photographers. I have a problem getting out of the house every now and then, but photography is actually helping me break out of this bad habit because it actually gives me a purpose and mission to actually go out (I know, sounds crazy but trust me).

So, I bought camera gear during my time working for Target Corp. That job funded pretty much all of the equipment I needed in order to start photography. After that, I also took a class in photography and that class really helped me get out of my comfort zone. That class helped me go on the train by myself for the first time and take some street photos with my Minolta SRT200 film camera, it was really relieving. I bought books on photography, on film and digital. Photography is very different than illustration, obviously. As an illustrator, you’re mostly staying inside, but photography is more lively. Outside is how your work is produced, and I actually like that truth.

Travel is another factor that I believe sprang from my fascination of photography. I would really love to travel to the Far East in Asia. China, Japan, Korea, and then to other countries from there. As I am typing, my portfolio is still in its infant stage, nothing compared to my illustration portfolio, but I am building it one step at a time. Really looking forward for some sports photography at my school this coming semester; that’ll truly add to my portfolio.


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